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Your roaming muse has arrived

Your roaming muse has arrived



I rise with the sun, take a deep stretch and roll over to hug the fluffy hotel pillow closer, lingering for a moment in the serenity of a new dawn. Before long, I am in my car, an iced americano in one hand and the other on the wheel, coasting down the highway into the pinked sky turning blue. Another day, another drive, I think to myself, grateful for this nomadic life I get to lead.

On my mind is the memory of our date last night – you arrived on time, smelling fresh. I greeted you with a slow kiss and a shy smile that you’d later find delightfully misleading, for my ravenous appetite for carnal pleasure became apparent quickly. We spent the evening wrapped up in one another, giggling dirty puns into each other’s necks between kisses. You fed me raspberries and I curled my tongue around your fingers, sucking them clean of juice. You told me you wanted to be an astronaut when you grew up. Me, too! We reveled in our similarities, even more so in our differences. We forgot what day it was, what year, what planet, so lost in the magic of knowing each other for a brief, golden moment.

You teased me with goodbye – I promised to come back to town soon.


Deeply intellectual with a mischievous twist, like the curl of lemon on a martini glass (though I prefer mine dirty). A lifelong student in the art of play, I take fun seriously. Doe eyes, sharp wit, and delightfully feminine mannerisms add to my charm, though my best feature is my lack of pretension.

You’ll be sure to find kindness and compassion, a touch of cerebral sensuality, and an open space for exploration, whether we’re getting lost trying to find some secret hot springs, enjoying a locals-only hole-in-the-wall bar with a mean Manhattan, or jetting off to learn traditional Icelandic snow-cooking methods.

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