Mrs. Lizzie Beth

Mrs. Lizzie Beth


Tysons, Virginia, United States until April 12–14

About Mrs. Lizzie Beth

In the real world I’m a smart, funny, curvy (some would say smaller BBW), wife, mother, entrepreneur, and activist whose mantra has always been, “live life to the very fullest”.

It’s hard to believe it was 6 years ago I first dipped my toes in the hobby.
My flirtation with it then was brief but explosive and oh so memorable.

I was carefree and just wanted to have a good time, finish school, get out of my parents house, and live how I chose.

It was good for a while and I had fun.

Life happens, you grow up, you fall in love, get married, have a child, and if you’re really lucky, find a career that you enjoy. Thank goodness, I was really lucky.

But sometimes you need more. Though it feels like a lifetime ago, I still remember being that free spirited, fun loving young woman. I miss her. I’d like to have her back. Not all the time. Just a little.

Full Disclosure: I have no desire to ruin my marriage. This is my journey to find her again and to bring her back where she belongs.

I reckon the real question is…

​…Are You Ready To Join Me?

XO, Lizzie Beth

PS: Role-Play Connoisseurs Are A Special Breed

While I have your attention, let’s talk about role-play.
It comes up in conversation a lot.
It’s also something I’d thought about often.
However, I was a little intimidated about trying it at first.
But thanks to a few very interesting links and some practice, I’ve finally mastered my fears.

Here Are Some That Are Really Fun For Me:

–Experienced “tutor” for the inexperienced “younger” man.

–The preachers naughty wife.

–One of us is the failing student who must have a passing grade.

–Our spouses are cheating on us with each other. Let’s pay them back.

–I’ve given you every chance. You’ve left me no choice. I have to tell your parents.

–You can’t fire me, I really need this job.

–Your best friends sexy mom.

–My husband just doesn’t please me.

–Our own private version of Oedipus Tyrannus.

–Your demanding boss.

–I know I’m just the nanny. But your wife doesn’t deserve you. Let me show you why.

**Daddy/Daughter Fun:

–Did I get a bad report card and I’m trying to distract you from it?

–Do I want an increase in my allowance or maybe a new car for my birthday?

–You’re hurt and lonely because Mom is cheating on you. Let me console you…

–You’re enraged and jealous because you just found my boyfriend and I in my bed.

**A Little Different:

–You’re my dads protege, assistant and right hand. Unfortunately for you and for my greedy b***h of a step-mom, I walked in on the two of you “together”. I haven’t told him yet, only because I’ve always had a crush on you and fantasized about having you all to myself. As much as I’m crazy about you, if you don’t do exactly as I say, I will tell him and you’ll never work in this town again.

*Or maybe you have a favorite role-play of your own?





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