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If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun

If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun



Though I’m a writer, I’m far better at creating fantastical worlds and flawed-yet-lovable characters than writing about myself—but here’s my best try. 

Born in the Midwest and educated at a top east coast university in sciences and media business, upon graduation I took a job in television before deciding I’d rather work on my own hours. Since quitting, I spend my days engrossed in worlds that exist only on paper and my evenings delighting in a little secret depravity. I’ve seen the most indulgent of chef’s tables and the seediest afterhours Bushwick bars; I’ve started saying what I want out loud and, mostly, getting it. I’ve lived in Madrid, Spain and Lima, Peru and am working on my third language. I’m great at choosing restaurants and even better at choosing Seamless; I can’t remove the foil on a bottle of wine to save my life but I can pop champagne like a pro. Perhaps my next late night will be with you?

On my nights off, I’m just as likely to be found snuggling my cat in a superhero t-shirt as I am to be at an upscale club in a body-con dress. I pride myself on my ability to make a connection with anyone, to find that one obscure topic we both feel passionate about, and I’ve met some of the best people and had the most fascinating conversations because of it. One friend insists I know something about everything, and makes it a mission to find topics I can’t converse on; she’s never succeeded. 

I encourage those in my life to live in the now, to savor champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries whenever possible and to spend their time and money on those they love. I like to say I’m living in my retirement now, traveling when I want and worrying less than I should. After all, who wants to wait their whole life to have all that fun?

So, what do you say? Care to indulge in a bit of fantasy with me?

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