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Explore your Shadow Self

Explore your Shadow Self



6ft Goddess of Torment: Sexual, Psychological, and Physical.

Freedom lies in knowing and accepting yourself, both your virtues and your shadows. Society’s expectations weigh heavily upon us. Shed shame & compulsions. Explore in a hot sexually charged BDSM/Fetish environment and get comfortable expressing your authentic desires.

I offer 3 kinds of sessions.

1. Sensual Sensory: the focus is your relaxation, settling into your pleasure, and accepting all kinds of soft sexy sensory input. Melt from my expert feminine touch.

2. Serve Me. Contribute to improving both yourself and the world though serving me. I will train you to be a valuable asset for myself or the world in general. Well-trained submissives may be considered for collared positions. Further details are on my website. Contributing to the improvement of my life allows me to focus on my quest to bring emotional health to as many people as possible.

3. Explore your Shadows & Master yourself. Explore your unspoken desires, dark fantasies, and hidden fears in sexy BDSM sessions. Familiarity with repressed dark desires allows you to have power over your actions and responses. You begin to act from choice and not in reaction to life. Compulsion and disassociation lessen as you become aware of unconscious desires and thoughts. Through sexy BDSM activities that call to your shadow self, you begin to feel a range of emotions. I develop your skills to manage your feelings in a safe environment. My intuition, training, and experience are your ever present guide.

I see only 2-3 clients a week for these highly connected, sexually and psychologically healing sessions.

My specialties:

any kind of sensory play

training- service/slut etc

psychological & predicament play

My mission is to bring sexual and emotional health to each person I have contact with. I enjoy play with all genders, couples & non-binary expressions of self. I particularly enjoy exploring masculine or feminine traits that call to you; be it further expression of your assigned gender, gender bending, or a complete gender switch.

Be Better, Be Mine

HARD LIMITS: Subbing or switching of any kind. Brown & Rainbow Showers, highly scripted role plays, competitive wrestling, diaper play, animals and children. I’m sure there are others & I’m sure someone will ask about them. 🙂

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